Veneé McGee can be rightly defined as a event strategist, wellness educator and a confident life influencer.  She has learned to take control of her life and to live it to the fullest.  However, it wasn’t always like that.

Veneé never had a stable home as a child, or a young adult.  She was born to drug and alcohol addicted parents, and as a result, she spent her life in foster care. There she faced both physical and verbal abuse; eating disorders, homelessness and experienced being kidnap at age 6. Growing up with such an adverse background made it difficult to realize her own goals and potential. In her early 20s, she faced another challenging phase of her life; she suffered from a physical & verbal abusive relationship that resorted to reckless living, sex, drugs, alcohol and partying. In a bid to right the wrongs, Veneé changed her environment where she found herself in a similar hellish cycle of poverty, low self esteem, and self harming behavior. That is when she learned, that running away from your problems never fixes anything! Today, Veneé lives an inspired life fueled by impulses as an Inspirational Speaker, an Intuitive Coach, and a Retreat Leader. She is energetic, healthy, fit and in control of her life.

What changed?

The transition between Veneé’s past and her present occurred during an interfaced period. She got fed up with the life of victimization, self-pity, and low self-esteem. By 2014, she had a long list of things she wanted to do but couldn’t, and of the life, she desired to live but wasn’t. Her passion to help people like her, who have experienced any kind of abuse and had been in foster care “failed” because she gave up trying, suffered from body dysmorphic disorder, overeating tendencies, and low self-worth.

Venee realized she was limiting herself and decided to take the reins of her life. It was then, she became resolute to live a happier and more fulfilled life. With a structured action plan, Veneé worked tirelessly and pulled through the doubts and self-defeating habits that made it worse. Then, there was a rapid turnaround.

Venee_0161 3.jpg

The new beginning

By 2016, Veneé’s fitness levels had greatly improved, and she discovered that losing weight was only part of her success. That realization inspired her to not only help others achieve physical, emotional and spiritual fitness but to also help actualize their ultimate life goals.

Veneé has trained and worked with expert health and nutrition practitioners in Marin who have shared their 30+ years of knowledge and experience in the field. She also studied Sociology, Child Psychology, Ayurvedic Medicine (Indian healing practice) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, also known as Tapping).

Veneé now finds hope and happiness in sharing her working formula and giving strength to people who are suffering from self-esteem, depression and weight issues. The goal is not only to show people how to live, but to teach them to truly thrive.

She focuses on:    

  • Reversing negative & conditional thinking

  • Accelerating renewed health with proper nutrition tips

  • Weight loss and control

  • Handling foundational issues/habits which dampens productivity (both professionally and personally)

  • Listening intuitively to the body

  • Improving relationships with self  and/or establishing healthy romantic relationships

  • Handling food related compulsive behaviors

  • Healthy workouts ((cardio, weights, yoga, running))

  • Finding clarity in order to define your happiness and create your life vision

Veneé truly understands her clients and helps them build day-to-day life skills to improve employment situations and money troubles. Her holistic approach is tailored to each individual allowing clients to work through longstanding problems and tackle hum-drum everyday life issues that drain vitality. Venee has overcome many of life’s challenges, and she is joyous about showing others how to do so too!

When she is not working, Veneé loves to hike, get witchy with gems, and cook. She can find her way around ANY kitchen!  She also spends time crafting, canoeing down the Russian River, writing or gardening. She especially enjoys making new friends and being in nature.

Whatever your ailment, Veneé is dedicated to guiding you towards a solution that works!

Please call or email today for a consultation.