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High Impact Healing Events is located in the Bay Area, CA.
We offer holistic healing retreats, workshops, employee trainings and custom events for women, individuals, and corporations. Guest experience spiritual inquiry, silent and guided meditation, Yoga, massage, sound healing, breathwork, counseling and other services. We integrate 15 plus years of experience, drawing from many different healing modalities, spiritual paths and traditions. Our Holistic Events have supported hundreds on their path of healing, personal transformation and spiritual awakening. We are happy to report over 90% success rate.


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As we journey through our life experiences, specifically the traumatic ones, affect both our conscious and subconscious choices. When we work together to understand and release the energy and pain affiliated with our trauma, we are allowed to expand and grow into our most aligned & elevated self. At High Impact Healing we find it is critical for our community to understand the infinite possibilities and avenues to welcome desired outcomes. Creating a freedom of spirit brings ease to the willingness to choose and create the life you desire.

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Through our holistic healing modules and focused intentions, clients learn to explore their values, goals, and life purpose. We will challenge mindset and growth expectations and establish a personalized filter through which decisions and choices are more manageable. We welcome focused intention on the things that matter rather while creating healthy boundaries with our energetic distractions. You will learn to say YES to the things that matter and NO to things that don’t...allowing your focus.

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Once you are free and focused, you can live a more fulfilled life. Let’s face it, we are better able to humble ourselves and serve others in our daily life tasks if we understand why we must complete them with empowered intention, and inspired actions. Our goal is to bring you face to face with the tools and habits necessary to continue the dynamic process of healing transformation throughout your life. High Impact Healing will empower your intuition and quick decision making skills, optimizing your glow and overall fulfillment!

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Our primary goal is helping you better understand yourself.  The individual work moves energy from stagnation to transformation. We connect to this shift through honest interview assessment, character building exercises, value clarification, integrity elevation, etc. Once you learn how to freely explore life’s options and focus on your highest good, you will become stronger and more confident in all aspects of your life.

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All of us desire to create loving, giving, strength-building, and generous families. Sometimes, we neglect the time and care investments needed to build the necessary trust and bonds. Once you define and re-establish your personal values, your transformation naturally spills over to both your immediate and extended family. Once the individual connects to their healing, the energy is funneled through the ancestors and familial information. When we heal ourselves we heal our story, and shift our karma around the traumas experienced by ourselves and our loved ones.

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As renewed individuals, we can share our strengths and vulnerabilities in our community, workplace, school and the world. You will find that after you attend one of our events or start to work with us, other people will begin asking you what has changed. When you find your passion and purpose and live it out, you will inspire others to do the same.

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The authentic self is something we all aspire to BE. InnerG is that essence that is inherently you. The vibe that your unique embodiment vibrates, radiates, and accentuates... Greatness meets you right where you are when you welcome your InnerG!

Energy, inner goddess, god, guru…it is up to you!

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Are you looking to create consistent clarity, confidence and value in your personal or professional life? At Ebb & Flow Women’s Retreat we’ll explore how to unlock & listen to your body’s wisdom where you will discover your true self, get creative, and achieve clarity that will help you become your happiest, healthiest self. We will explore this in ways that holistically include our whole selves, the voices of our angels, and the abundance of the universe, rather than coming from our linear minds and scarcity thinking.